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On Wednesday, 2018/4/25, Echo employees and many Echo teachers from different schools, had the pleasure of participating in and observing the ‘Communicate, Share, Grow International Educational Exchange’ conference at Lin’an Elementary School.


The day was fast moving and showcased different approaches to teaching with Teresia and Jason teaching excellent full length classes in the morning that demonstrated the Presentation, Practice and Production (PPP) method and reading skills respectively.  In the afternoon John gave an excellent phonics presentation, as well as teaching a class, and Rob gave a wonderful demo class.  On top of all this Professor Lin gave a very insightful lecture on the ‘Differences in English teaching between Chinese and foreign English teachers’, where he described his English as  ‘Made in China.’


This remark by Professor Lin was very perceptive, as it explained his own English learning experience, his English was acquired in China with Chinese teachers.   Professor Lin has an excellent command of the English language, but the primary point he was making is that Chinese English learners use a filter system to process English in the classroom.  When the English teacher starts speaking the Chinese student will begin processing the information in Chinese, trying to make sense of it, then will use a fusion of Chinese and English (an intra language) before producing in English.


 At Echo English we encourage our teachers to follow the PPP method in their classrooms. This method is the one, we believe, deals most effectively with the primary  issue Professor Lin outlined.   In the presentation stage (what we like to call the ‘I’ stage) the teacher presents the new language for this class.  The students sit and listen.  The teacher should be aware of what Professor Lin said about how the students are processing the information at this stage of the lesson.  The practice stage of the lesson (what we like to call the ‘WE’ stage) should be in two parts: the first part should be controlled, where the students process the intra language; the second part should be freer, allowing the students a smooth transition into the production phase of the lesson (what we like to call the ‘YOU’ stage).


Variations on a theme are always encouraged, but the teacher must ensure that he/she has clear and reasonable objectives for the class and they are aligned with school instruction for English requirements.  This may be a course book the school follows, or you may be given the opportunity to design your own course book with your Chinese co teachers.  This is exactly what the teachers at Lin’an elementary school have done, producing the Speaking Fun text book, which is in accordance with Oxford. 

Exciting times lie ahead for Echo English teachers and we encourage you to communicate, share and grow with your schools and other Echo teachers to ensure you and your students enjoy the best experience possible.




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